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More Than a Password Day

By Michael Daniel, CTA President and CEO Today is World More Than a Password Day.  Not exactly the best-known day on the global calendar, especially since the Nonprofit Cyber Coalition created it this year.  Still, it’s an important concept and many organizations are devoting an entire day to promoting the…

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Walking the Talk: Practical Steps to Enhance Diversity

By Michael Daniel, CTA President & CEO, and Monica Ruiz, Program Manager/ Digital Diplomacy Strategist at Microsoft As cybersecurity practitioners, we strongly support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Diversity in the cybersecurity field, and in the national security realm more broadly, is not where it needs to be. This…

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Proposing a Cyber Incident Reporting Framework 

By Michael Daniel, CTA President & CEO, and Megan Stifel, Chief Strategy Officer for the Institute for Security and Technology Over the past decade, the cyber threat has grown worse. Yet we do not know how much worse the problem has become. What is the overall rate of incidents?…

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Cultivating a Diverse Cybersecurity Workforce

Cyberattacks continue to increase in prevalence and impact and recent cyber incidents have brought a wake-up call that we must invest in training and hiring in the cybersecurity field. Because nearly every aspect of society depends on the digital infrastructure, cyberattacks are costly and extremely disruptive. We continue to rely…

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How CTA Helps Turn Industry Fragmentation into a Strength

With each day, cyberspace grows larger, more complex, and more integral to our societies and economies. The increased dependence on the Internet means that incidents that would have been merely annoying fifteen years ago can now cause catastrophic damage. Cybersecurity has made a parallel transition, shifting from a “nice to…

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Combating Botnets through Consumer IoT Cybersecurity Labeling

Written by: Yongjia Chen, Dathan Duplichen, Andrew Shu, Anna Nguyen Yip Although the ransomware threat currently gets the most attention, botnets remain a significant problem in the digital ecosystem. As part of our capstone project in the Master’s in International Policy degree program at Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International…

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Implementing the Ransomware Task Force’s Recommendations in the Cybersecurity Industry

This week, the Ransomware Task Force released its report on combating ransomware.  The RTF, sponsored by the Institute for Security & Technology, is made up of more than 50 expert volunteers from software companies, cybersecurity vendors, government agencies, non-profits, and academic institutions.  The Task Force’s report is timely and its…

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2020 at the Halfway Point: Challenges and Opportunities

2020 is halfway over.  Many people will see this milestone as a good thing.  In fact, most people would probably say that 2020 cannot be over fast enough.  Even for a virtual organization in an industry not severely damaged by the pandemic, CTA has faced some real challenges during 2020.

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Living on the Edge

Co-authored by Neil Jenkins and Natasha Cohen  In May 2018, Cisco Talos shared threat indicators and analysis with other CTA members around a new threat: VPNFilter. VPNFilter is a sophisticated modular malware system that targeted networking equipment, ultimately infecting at least 500,000 devices at its peak. Its activity was…