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Getting To Know You: Michael Daniel, CTA President & CEO

Tell us a little about yourself. What was your background before coming to CTA? Prior to joining the CTA in February 2017, I served as a Special Assistant to President Obama and as Cybersecurity Coordinator on the National Security Council Staff. In this role, I was responsible for leading…

The Industry

Living on the Edge

Co-authored by Neil Jenkins and Natasha Cohen  In May 2018, Cisco Talos shared threat indicators and analysis with other CTA members around a new threat: VPNFilter. VPNFilter is a sophisticated modular malware system that targeted networking equipment, ultimately infecting at least 500,000 devices at its peak. Its activity was…

CTA News

Information Sharing In Action: CTA’s Incident Review of VPNFilter

On May 23, 2018, Cisco’s Talos Intelligence Group publicly exposed a new malware threat they dubbed VPNFilter. VPNFilter is a sophisticated modular malware system targeting networking equipment all over the world. This malware allowed for theft of website credentials, collection of data, injection of malicious content into network traffic…

The Industry

CTA Actions Around VPNFilter

On May 23, 2018, Cisco’s Talos Group released a blog on a new sophisticated modular malware system called “VPNFilter.” This malware is targeting networking equipment all over the world and has recently begun a large-scale infection of devices in Ukraine. VPNFilter is troubling for a number of reasons, as…

Best Practices

CTA Embarks on Year #2: Enhancing our Operational Collaboration

CTA was absolutely thrilled to have recently celebrated our first anniversary just a few weeks ago during the RSA Conference. We highlighted strong growth in membership, in staff, and in the amount of cyber threat information we shared at machine speed on a daily basis. Our first year…

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CTA’s Strategic Objectives: Protect. Disrupt. Elevate.

Since our founding last year, we’ve been busy. Our membership has more than doubled by growing from six to seventeen members; sharing on the platform has increased in terms of total volume and in the amount of context included; and we have built up our staff to support the mission. We’ve…

Best Practices

Smarter Cybersecurity Thinking: Disruption Through Analysis

Previously in this series of blog posts, we discussed the steps that organizations can use to improve their cybersecurity and we looked at how cybersecurity companies need to share information to enable more effective network defense. When cybersecurity companies share contextualized technical indicators at speed and at scale and use…

Best Practices

Smarter Cybersecurity Thinking: What Companies Need to Consider Externally

In our post last month, we talked about what companies need to do internally to adopt a holistic, long-term risk management approach to cybersecurity. The big takeaways were five steps companies can take to drive down their individual cybersecurity risks to a more manageable level. If more companies implemented…