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CTA News

Why Gen-Z Cares About the Future of Information Sharing

After hearing the buzzword of “information sharing” throughout my education, my summer internship with the Cyber Threat Alliance has shown me how we make this term a reality through facilitating threat intelligence sharing between private companies. As an undergraduate student at Stanford University studying Computer Science and Political Science, I’ve had the chance to discuss […]

CTA News

Cyber Threat Alliance Thriving in 2022

As I write this blog, we’re a little over halfway through 2022.  This year has certainly produced some significant surprises – several of which fall into the “what didn’t happen” category. Regardless, though, CTA continues its work to enable members to better protect their customers, aid in the disruption of malicious actors, and raise the […]

Member Spotlight

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Lee Klarich, Palo Alto Networks

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Lee Klarich, Chief Product Officer, Palo Alto Networks What inspired you to found CTA? The threat intelligence information gleaned by threat researchers is invaluable to defending against cyberthreats, and ultimately, it’s our belief that the cybersecurity industry shouldn’t compete on what threat intelligence we all have access to, but on […]

Member Spotlight

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Matt Watchinski, Cisco

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Matt Watchinski, Vice President of Cisco Talos What inspired you to be a part of founding CTA? The ability to get all the security companies that had a similar security vision in the same place talking about the same problems. The truly important part we considered is, how do we […]

Member Spotlight

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Ken Xie, Fortinet

Q&A with CTA Founding Member Ken Xie, CEO and Chairman of Fortinet What inspired you to found CTA? In addition to increased performance and integrated technology solutions, IT teams need access to real-time threat intelligence to quickly detect and identify threats and automatically respond at digital speeds.  Prior to founding the Cyber Threat Alliance, higher-level […]

Member Spotlight

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Joe Levy, Sophos

What inspired you to help lead CTA as director on the board? Like many in the industry, I have always believed that better sharing is crucial to our success as defenders, but that sharing has historically been very challenging. From its inception, I was very impressed with the mission and the leadership of the CTA, […]

The Industry

Cultivating a Diverse Cybersecurity Workforce

Cyberattacks continue to increase in prevalence and impact and recent cyber incidents have brought a wake-up call that we must invest in training and hiring in the cybersecurity field. Because nearly every aspect of society depends on the digital infrastructure, cyberattacks are costly and extremely disruptive. We continue to rely on an inherently insecure internet […]

Major Incidents

Incident Response Blog: Cyber Incidents in Ukraine

As Russian forces take military action in Ukraine, cybersecurity companies are reporting various cyber attacks targeting organizations within Ukraine, such as government agencies and critical infrastructure companies, and organizations outside of the country that provide services to Ukraine. Additionally, the U.S. government has warned organizations to prepare for any cyber incidents that may have consequences […]

Guest Blogs

Symantec, Enterprise Division of Broadcom, Celebrates CTA’s 5th Birthday

Written by Joe Chen, VP of Engineering, Broadcom Five years ago, Symantec, now an enterprise division of Broadcom, proudly became a founding member of the Cyber Threat Alliance as a not-for-profit organization. CTA was founded with the mission to share threat information and better protect the mutual customers of our members. It is important to […]

Guest Blogs

Happy 5th Birthday Cyber Threat Alliance!

Written by Kathi Whitbey, Principal Business Operations Manager, Unit 42 As I reflect on the last five years following the creation of the CTA, I am humbled by the growth, cooperation, and respect that our organization has developed from the simple idea that the only way to beat our adversaries was to find a way […]

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