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Guest Blogs

Check Point Software Technologies Celebrates the Cyber Threat Alliance’s 5th Birthday

Written by Jason Min, Head of Business Development, Check Point Software Technologies As Check Point celebrates the 5th birthday of the Cyber Threat Alliance, we are honored to continue our partnership with them. Check Point became a Charter Member because we strongly believe in the CTA’s mission to improve the overall security of the global […]

Guest Blogs

“Don’t let this fail:” The founding of the Cyber Threat Alliance

Back in 2013, I had just taken over as the Chief Security Officer for Palo Alto Networks. Literally, I was weeks in the job, when my boss, Mark McLaughlin, the CEO, called me into his office to assign me a special project. He and Ken Xie, the Fortinet CEO, and one of Palo Alto Networks’ biggest competitors, had an idea.

Guest Blogs

Talos celebrates the Cyber Threat Alliance’s 5th birthday

Written by Matt Watchinski, VP, Global Threat Intelligence Group, Talos, Cisco Cisco Talos sets out every day to make the internet a safer place. But we can’t always fight the good fight alone. That’s why we are so proud of what we’ve accomplished with the Cyber Threat Alliance, which turns 5 years old today. We […]

Major Incidents

Incident Response Blog: Log4j

A zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) has been discovered in Apache Log4j. Apache Log4j is a java-based logging utility. It is widely used in cloud and enterprise software services. Exploit code has been shared publicly and multiple actors are attempting to exploit the vulnerability. The vulnerability has the potential to allow unauthenticated remote code execution (RCE) on nearly […]

Guest Blogs

Cyber Threat Intelligence: Teaming Up for Ever More Secure Cybersecurity

Written by the TEHTRIS Team TEHTRIS understands that there is strength in numbers and has chosen to join the Cyber Threat Alliance, alongside other experts in the field, to share our unique, high value-added threat intelligence markers in order to contribute to a safer digital world. The professionalization of ransomware groups, the maturity of attackers, and […]

The Industry

How CTA Helps Turn Industry Fragmentation into a Strength

With each day, cyberspace grows larger, more complex, and more integral to our societies and economies. The increased dependence on the Internet means that incidents that would have been merely annoying fifteen years ago can now cause catastrophic damage. Cybersecurity has made a parallel transition, shifting from a “nice to have” to a “really should […]

Best Practices

3 Aspects to Managing Systemic Cyber Risk

This blog on the importance of managing systemic cyber risk is reposted with permission from NETSCOUT, a Contributing Member of the Cyber Threat Alliance. This blog was authored by Michael Daniel, CTA President and CEO, as a guest posting for NETSCOUT’s blog. Cyberspace enables connections, whether between individuals, organizations, governments, or some combination of the […]

Best Practices

Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Prioritizing Cybersecurity in a Hybrid Workplace

By the National Cyber Security Alliance, a partner of the Cyber Threat Alliance Today, employees are more connected than ever. The hybrid workplace is here to stay, and for employees, this means relying on connected devices from their home office setups. According to recent data, smart home systems are set to rise to a market […]

Guest Blogs

The Power of Partnerships

Written by Devin Lynch, Senior Director, Policy & Government Affairs, SecurityScorecard As CISA’s 4th Annual National Cybersecurity Summit concludes this week, the theme for the final day is “The Power of Partnerships.” Before national cybersecurity month concludes, we should take a moment to join CISA and consider the power of partnerships. We all want the […]

Best Practices

Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Shoring Up Your Phishing Defenses

By the National Cyber Security Alliance, a partner of the Cyber Threat Alliance  From ransomware to SolarWinds, the cybersecurity space has been as hectic as ever over the last 12-24 months. However, for all of the emerging threats that are cropping up on the horizon, phishing — one of the oldest pain points in cybersecurity […]

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