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Getting to Know CTA: Part 1 — A Community of Practice

The Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) recently published our Solutions Fact Sheet, which details for prospective members and other interested parties the many ways in which CTA membership generates mutual value. In this series of blog posts, we will explore in greater depth these various use cases and the common… Read More

Best Practices

Get Your Spidey Sense On

This blog on the importance of staying vigilant online is reposted with permission from the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA). GCA is an international, cross-sector effort dedicated to reducing cyber risk and improving our connected world and we are delighted to be able to work with them as one of our… Read More

CTA News

Threat Intelligence Practitioners Take on a Virtual Virus Bulletin

Earlier this month, CTA was all-hands on deck for the virtual Virus Bulletin conference, aka. ‘vblocalhost,’ where we coordinated and sponsored the Threat Intelligence Practitioners’ Summit (TIPS). TIPS spanned a range of perspectives from different corners of the world and highlighted distinct approaches to threat intelligence. If you… Read More

CTA News

The Secret Sauce of the Cyber Threat Alliance? Collaboration.

As CTA has developed over the last three years, it has done so with a philosophy of collaboration front-of-mind. CTA provides a venue for productive relationships among our members to emerge and grow. We believe that these kinds of relationships are important and can provide mutual value creation. This is… Read More

Best Practices

Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing as a Force Multiplier

Force Multiplication: Past and Present For millennia, military leaders have looked for new tactical and technological means of magnifying their existing strategic resources. Stronger armor, higher walls, and more reliable means of communication and navigation are all examples of innovation as ‘force multiplication.’ The historic consequences of these technologies have… Read More

Guest Blogs

Keeping the House Safe: How Collaboration with CTA Makes It Possible

Written by Mounir Hahad, Head of Juniper Threat Labs, Juniper Networks Cybersecurity is such a vast and complicated space that it is nearly impossible to defend all of your customers from all of the potential threats bad actors are creating and modifying to attack a network without help from third… Read More

CTA News

What Does 100 Million Get You?

On September 9th, CTA reached a major milestone for our automated sharing program. Since our founding as an independent non-profit in 2017, CTA member companies have shared over 100 million cyber threat observables. Although it may seem banal in some ways, this simple statistic represents an enormous accomplishment in its… Read More

Best Practices

Adopting an Industry Data Format Standard: Fact or Fiction?

In the landscape of threat intelligence, there are many challenges. Of these challenges, data format should not be one of them. However, it is. As many already know, proprietary data formats cause both integration and scalability issues. In today’s market of seemingly endless cyber security solutions, data interoperability is… Read More