The Cybersecurity Coalition unveiled this “Building a National Cybersecurity Strategy Voluntary Flexible Frameworks White Paper” at the inaugural CyberNext DC.

This paper begins with an overview of the cyber threat landscape. It is important to understand harmful consequences of cyberattacks as well as how the prevalence of new technologies, including the “Internet of Things,” has increased the number of opportunities for cyberattacks. The volume and diversity of cyber threats underscores the importance of developing a framework that is voluntary, flexible, and broadly adopted across organizations of all sizes, and stakeholders at all levels.

Understanding the challenges of effective cyber risk management, it is instructive to consider international models of a national cyber risk management framework to determine which practices have been successful. This paper examines the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Australia as case studies that highlight the most critical components of an effective cybersecurity framework.

Read the White Paper here: CyberNextDC Voluntary, Flexible Frameworks White Paper (

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