Written by Jason Min, Head of Business Development, Check Point Software Technologies

As Check Point celebrates the 5th birthday of the Cyber Threat Alliance, we are honored to continue our partnership with them. Check Point became a Charter Member because we strongly believe in the CTA’s mission to improve the overall security of the global digital ecosystem. Check Point has been a world leader in cyber security for three decades. As the world has become more connected and digitized, the threat landscape is radically evolving. State-sponsored adversaries and hacker groups are working together to cause harm and disruption. The security companies and community need to work together to disrupt malicious actors and keep the world protected. As a Charter Member, Check Point is at the forefront of protecting end users and elevating overall security.

All members of the CTA have distinguished backgrounds and strengths to combat cyberwarfare. Utilizing our leading research arm, Check Point Research, Check Point is finding and sharing global cyber attack data to the entire CTA community. We understand that we all need to work together and are committed to the shared goal of protecting the world from nefarious hackers and state-sponsored adversaries. In 2022, we intend to take many steps to make the world a safer place including increasing our leading Check Point Research publications and expanding our threat intelligence via new members and increased sharing. Ultimately, these CTA publications and increased intelligence sharing accelerate the prevention of new cyber threats to keep users secure.

Check Point sees the CTA going to new heights in 2022. We want to accelerate the CTA’s impact and global reach to keep up with the pace of digital globalization and thwart hackers. We want to increase our data sources and threat telemetry across the cloud, network, and endpoints throughout the world. The CTA’s future is very bright and we will continue to do our best in advancing the organization to new heights and making the world a safer place.

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