As a Cyber Threat Alliance founding member and one of the largest industry threat intelligence contributors, Symantec Enterprise, a division of Broadcom, still believes in the CTA mission and responsibility. Only when the cyber industry works together can we improve cybersecurity across the global digital ecosystem. It’s the right thing to do.

Over my next two years as Director of the Cyber Threat Alliance and beyond, my goal is that CTA continues to sustain if not grow in threat intelligence utility. By working with our industry peers, big or small, all our services and products improve, and we all have happier customers as a result. Most sophisticated customers recognize not a single vendor is perfect. Collaboration is one way to serve our customers better. Part of the strategy must include cross leverage visibility. I will work with the CTA team and other board members to enhance the existing structure such that all the best minds today and tomorrow can operate and collaborate. My ask for the team and the board is to be more demanding of each other. Frequent real time collaboration on top of automated sharing is only going to improve the relationships of individuals on respective teams. As we all transition back to in-person, I’d love to see more events where we collectively target a campaign in action. 

On a more personal note, I’m a father of two highly energetic boys in Los Angeles. My weekend revolves around my kids’ sports. They are committed swimmers and decent at tennis. My oldest boy and I also play basketball, ski, and play golf a few times a year. I get to volunteer as a coach or logistic supporter in whatever capacity that’s required. 

Joe Chen is the Vice President of Engineering at Symantec, a Division of Broadcom. He leads the core engineering and the global Symantec security response organization. In this role, he oversees all research, development and security operations, including what was previously Symantec and Blue Coat GIN. Joe is an active technologist in the field and remains hands-on in building Broadcom’s technology while overseeing his team’s overall strategy. He is the inventor of 50 Symantec patents and continues to innovate at Broadcom, where he is the inventor on 5 recently approved patents.

Joe began his career working with Symantec’s consumer and small business products, and today is lead on products that are deployed in the largest and most sophisticated enterprises in the world. He is dedicated to making the customer protection promise a persistent reality. He believes in threat intelligence sharing with the security industry as a strategy to benefit our mutual customers and is committed to contributing to sustain shared success against our common adversaries. 

As one of Cyber Threat Alliance’s founding members, Joe has been intimately involved since before its incorporation in 2017. He has served on the Steering Committee, authored blogs, and served as a panelist for various industry events. Joe has been inspired by CTA’s mission since its inception. The goal to share threat information and better protect mutual customers is real, and he is excited for the opportunity to be hands-on in driving continued success. He values his friendships and professional relationships that were fostered through industry collaboration.

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