The Cyber Threat Alliance is beginning a blog series profiling our board of directors. Our intent is to showcase the interesting and impactful cyber industry leaders helping to drive CTA. We want our audience to learn more about these impressive cybersecurity visionaries. We are excited to share more of these feature blogs over the coming weeks.

We, as corporations, cannot defend against all the attacks from around the world alone. We must work together. Participation in the CTA allows us to do just that, by sharing threat information with other members and anonymizing that information so that it is not attributed to a specific entity.  This amplifies two of CTA’s core principles:  Radical Transparency, and You Must Give to Receive. These are cornerstones of CTA’s global sharing. These principles separate CTA from other sharing organizations available to commercial corporations.  As a Corporate Citizen, we believe that we must help to secure businesses as a social responsibility.

There is no question that we have benefitted from the capabilities and information sharing from CTA and its members in defending our networks and systems, including responding to incidents with more focus and a better understanding of the threat. We have been very excited about our participation in the CTA Algorithm and Intelligence Committee, specifically, with the exchange of ideas amongst all members and having the ability to participate in the governance of CTA’s platform, including the sharing of information. CTA plays a sizable role in enabling members to better deter, disrupt and respond to high-impacting threats. Similar to the actions taken regarding botnets, CTA will bring its members together to focus on a specific event and produce timely and actionable recommendations to deter or disrupt an active attack in the future.

I hope that in five years we will see the CTA as a more relied upon Global Alliance, interacting with various corporations around the world. CTA should continue to invest in the next generation of technologies that enhance its ability to share (actionable) information with its members. We hope to broaden the membership of CTA and to continue and project the value and principles of the CTA to all my colleagues around the world, with the intention of making the world a safer place.

On a personal note, when I have downtime, I enjoy woodworking and golf. I also enjoy reading and would suggest two of my favorite books for those interested in the industry, which are Code Girls by Liza Munday and Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans by Melanie Mitchell.

John Petrie is Counselor to the NTT Global CISO and the Liaison for NTT Ltd. and is responsible for managing the growing internal security challenges for the NTT operating companies across the globe. He is also responsible for the implementation and harmonization of cybersecurity policy, process and technology for NTT Group Companies.  John was previously the Chief Executive Officer of NTT Security Americas and was responsible for managing the growing client security challenges through the NTT operating companies across North America and Latin America. He is a well-respected and trusted senior technology executive in the cybersecurity industry, with a blend of technical and business expertise.

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