While down from its high-profile peak in 2021, ransomware remains a serious threat to businesses, non-profits, and governments. As organizations increase their resilience to ransomware attacks focused on data encryption, malicious actors are employing tactics like data dumping, harassment, denial of service attacks, and other techniques to get victims to pay. Even cyber insurance plays a role in the evolution, as it drives better practices on the one hand, but coverage limits constrain the thoroughness of response activities. Ransomware may not be dominating the headlines these days, but it still represents one of the most serious cyber threats businesses face.

Join Michael Daniel from the Cyber Threat Alliance and Michael “Siko” Sikorski from Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 at they take stock of the ransomware threat, how it has changed over the past few years, and what you can do to counter these additional techniques.

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