For decades we have been faced with the classic ‘last mile’ challenge when it comes to information sharing and threat intelligence. Often times an end user’s use case simply does not fit with what is being offered through the threat intelligence platform. And so it becomes a case of putting a square peg in a round hole. For example, you can have lots of great information in a machine formatted threat feed but without properly being equipped, the end user may struggle to translate all of this information into action when applying it to their local infrastructure and use case. However, there may be other formats and systems that would allow this intelligence to apply to the end user. The solution lies in a diverse, ecosystem first approach which the CTA has been building most notably since the launch of Magellan. The CTA realizes that each member has different needs, and applications of threat intelligence. Some applications being directly related to specific IOCs, others TTPs, and some on a purely strategic/human based sharing level. Effectively supporting (and encouraging) sharing through diversity is a great way to continue to build an effective ecosystem. It allows a wider scope of actionable intelligence through a multi-prong approach, not just one monolithic form factor or application. A threat intelligence ecosystem needs to be flexible with its members needs in order to thrive, and this is precisely what the CTA has recognized through its ‘Greater Good’ mission statement.

Join Michael Daniel, CTA President & CEO, and Derek Manky, Fortinet Chief Security Strategist & Global VP Threat Intelligence, as they discuss this journey and vision during this webinar.

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