Join CTA and Radware as Neil, Daniel, and Pascal discuss the most significant threats and trends in the past, present and future.

2021 was a hell of a ride. Ransomware and supply chain attacks led to organizations getting hacked faster than security organizations could count. As organizations embraced a hybrid workplace VPN attacks increased 2000%. A service provider estimated the cost of a Ransom DoS attack at $12 million. The Log4j vulnerability caused one of the most significant security threats of the past decade.

2022 has not been kind to us yet. Nations have been called to ‘shield up’ and get ready as wiper malwares and DDoS attacks are being leveraged in hybrid warfare and patriotic activists have joined the cyber warfare targeting organizations involved in the Ukraine and Russian conflict.

What are the most important threats looming in 2022? Should you be concerned? What might happen next?

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