Join CTA and NTT Security Holdings as we discuss the trends and insights from NTT’s 2022 Global Threat Intelligence Report.

NTT’s Global Threat Intelligence Centre analysed security data across industries and to distil the key trends from attacks, malware, targeted technologies, and the resulting impact on various industries. NTT continues to observe changes in both the scope and scale of infrastructure, network and application targeting, particularly related to supply chain operations. From headline news of attacks targeting critical infrastructure to unfolding cyber events related to ongoing geo-political conflict, the importance of securing the supply-chain and digital society has never been more critical to business and national economies.

This report is unique in that it’s based on real-world attack data (800+ billion logs) collected from global internet traffic, Security Operation Centres, and honeypot sensor data collected along with research contributions from NTT CERT. We explore the key trends and emerging challenges that organization’s face in today’s modern threat landscape along with recommendations organisations can adopt to uplift their security posture.

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