Join Neil Jenkins, Chief Analytic Officer @CTA, and Andrew Brandt, Principal Researcher @Sophos, as they discuss insights from the Sophos 2022 Threat Report.

In its year-end analysis of the trends that shaped the threat landscape in 2021, and are likely to continue forward in 2022, Sophos will highlight the key takeaways from its 2022 Threat Report. The report includes threat trend data and statistics taken from analysis of malware, spam, ransomware, and criminal abuse of legitimate, commercial software. Key highlights include trend data about the tools and techniques preferred by threat actor groups behind major breaches and ransomware attacks; A look behind the scenes when a security tool’s source code gets leaked and then abused by cybercriminals; why commercial services find themselves under increasing attack; and why threat actors are increasingly hitting virtual machine hypervisors, Linux servers, and other nontraditional targets of malware. Presented by Andrew Brandt, Principal Researcher at Sophos and editor of the report.

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