Mention cybersecurity to most people and the reaction is rarely, “Oh, I understand what that’s about.”  Instead, most people think of it as a mystic art, understood only by a few (nerdy) hacker-types (in hoodies).  Yet, cybersecurity is now critical to almost every economic, social, and public safety function in society.  As an industry and discipline, we need to make cybersecurity more accessible, easier to implement, and more explainable.  We will always need highly skilled professionals with knowledge and skills few others possess, but just like first aid in the medical field or routine car maintenance in the automotive industry, we also need broad knowledge and action across almost everyone in society. 

Join Jaya Baloo, Suzie Squier, Megan Stifel, and Michael Daniel as they explore how to make cybersecurity a less daunting and better understood topic. 

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