WASHINGTON, DC— September 26th, 2022 — Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), a nonprofit organization working to improve the cybersecurity of the global digital ecosystem, is announcing a recent growth in membership that expands our reach to a total of 36 active members across the world.

We are pleased to announce our newest members include: Blueliv, Cloudbric, DataDome, Maltiverse, Red Piranha and Trellix. Several more are in the CTA membership onboarding process and we expect to announce those companies soon. CTA now has members headquartered in 11 countries and engaged in cyber activities across much of the world. CTA’s global expansion in the midst of a global pandemic, geopolitical tension, and economic disruption reinforces the high value front-line cybersecurity companies perceive in coming together to share threat intelligence and data. As cyber threats continue to evolve in sophistication, leaders in the cybersecurity industry are realizing this strength in numbers and value in collaboration.

To date, CTA members have shared over 280 million observables along with associated context, averaging around 350-400K per day. The CTA Early Share program, where members share information such as blogs, research, threat reports and more, generally 24-72 hours before public posting, has surpassed 675 early shares. As one CTA member noted, “CTA has been the single most valuable sharing alliance that we have been a member of.”

“I’m excited to welcome these new members to the Cyber Threat Alliance,” said Michael Daniel, President and CEO of the Cyber Threat Alliance. “CTA’s growth over the past two years clearly demonstrates CTA’s value, because members have continued to join the Alliance despite the pandemic and other disruptions. These additions make CTA stronger and more effective by increasing our diversity, reach, and expertise. I am looking forward to working with the new members and continuing CTA’s growth.”

CTA’s members play a crucial role in cybersecurity protection and response across all continents and critical infrastructure sectors. Members actively share timely, actionable, contextualized and campaign-based intelligence to improve our collective defenses against cyber adversaries – improving the members’ products and services to better protect their customers, as well as more systematically thwarting adversaries and strengthening the security of the broader digital ecosystem. Each additional organization that joins CTA generates new avenues of data, increasing the quality of intelligence from which members draw impactful and actionable insights to apply to their customer base.


About the Cyber Threat Alliance

CTA was founded by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., Cisco, Fortinet, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, and Symantec Enterprise Division of Broadcom. Membership also includes AT&T Alien Labs, Avast, Blueliv, Cloudbric, DataDome, Dragos, Juniper Networks, K7 Computing, Maltiverse, Morphisec, NEC Corporation, NETSCOUT, NTT, OneFirewall, Panda Security (WatchGuard), Rapid7, ReversingLabs, SANDS Lab, Scitum, SecureBrain (Hitachi), SecurityScorecard, SK shieldus, SonicWall, Sophos, TEHTRIS, Telefónica Tech, Trellix, and VMware.

CTA is the industry’s first formally organized group of cybersecurity practitioners that work together in good faith to share threat information and improve global defenses against advanced cyber adversaries. CTA’s mission is to facilitate the sharing of actionable intelligence and situational awareness about sophisticated cyber threats to improve its members’ cyber defenses, more effectively disrupt malicious cyber actors around the world and raise the level of cybersecurity throughout the Internet and cyberspace. The alliance is continuing to grow on a global basis, enriching both the quantity and quality of the information that is being shared across the platform. CTA is actively recruiting additional regional players to enhance information sharing to enable a more secure future for all. For more information about CTA, please visit:  https://www.cyberthreatalliance.org/.

Media Contact: pr@cyberthreatalliance.org

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