Join us for a CTA webinar, Making the Impossible Possible: How We Built a Successful Threat Intelligence Sharing Program Where Competitors Trust and Collaborate, with CTA President and CEO, Michael Daniel, and Derek Manky, Chief of Security Insights and Global Threat Alliances at Fortinet.

The Cyber Threat Alliance is unique. No other organization enables cybersecurity providers to share threat intelligence at both machine and human speed – and then do something with that intelligence. This webinar, facilitated by CTA’s Michael Daniel and Fortinet’s Derek Manky, will discuss lessons learned in building this organization from the ground up. We will discuss the challenges we overcame, how we evolved as the cyber industry and the threat world evolved, and the benefit of collaborating with your peers across the industry from a member’s point of view. We have proven that threat intelligence sharing among competitors not only benefits the ecosystem as a whole, but it makes the sharing organizations better off too. Building this program was not easy and we’ll reflect back on the years it took to get the threat intelligence sharing framework and platform right.

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