CTA Webinar – Stasis or Progress: Taking a Long View on Cybersecurity Policy

Join us for a CTA Fireside Chat, Stasis or Progress: Taking a Long View on Cybersecurity Policy, with Neill Sciarrone, Founder of Trinity Cyber, and Michael Daniel, President and CEO of the Cyber Threat Alliance.


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Date: September 16, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM EDT



Since the mid-2000s, the US government has invested significant resources into cybersecurity, eventually growing to tens of billions per year. Our awareness, understanding, and policy on this issue have evolved over the last 15 years, but what has really changed? Which approaches have worked and which ones have not? And given our experience during this time, what should the private sector know about government and vice versa?

Both Neill Sciarrone and Michael Daniel played key roles in the evolution of the US government’s approach to cybersecurity during the last decade and a half. During this webinar, they will address these questions and provide their insights on the successes and shortcomings of US cyber policy.


Event Date September 16, 2020
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Author: Jeannette Jarvis

As Chief Recruitment & Marketing Officer, Jeannette is responsible for CTA’s partnerships, branding, and communications efforts. Jeannette has worked in cybersecurity for 25 years, previously holding various senior leadership positions, including Director of Product Marketing at Fortinet and Director of Product Management at McAfee and Intel Security. She also served in leadership roles at Microsoft and Boeing. Jeannette is on the advisory board for Virus Bulletin, an international organization covering the global threat landscape.