CTA Webinar – Combating Botnets through Consumer IoT Cybersecurity Labeling

Botnets have long contributed to a variety of cybersecurity threats.  With the emergence of the Internet of Things, botnets have grown to incorporate an ever-wider assortment of devices.   In fact, Nokia’s 2019 Threat Intelligence Report indicated that 78% of detected events were attributable to Internet of Things bots. Combatting botnets has proven challenging.  One potential tool to address this problem would be a cybersecurity labeling scheme. A team from Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies reviewed the botnet problem, looked at how a potential cybersecurity labeling scheme might work, and drafted several recommendations for how it could be used to combat the botnet threat.

CTA’s President & CEO, Michael Daniel, will talk with Yongjia Chen, Dathan Duplichen, Anna Nguyen, and Andrew Shu about their project.



Event Date June 24, 2021
Headshot of Kate Holseberg.

Author: Kate Holseberg

Kate is responsible for establishing programs and initiatives to support the CTA’s mission, as well as supporting and building the CTA membership and community. Prior to joining the CTA, Kate served for 10+ years in a variety of roles as a private sector consultant.