The Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) is an independent, non-profit membership organization focused on cybersecurity providers. We currently have 34 private-sector members split across three tiers, and are actively growing our membership to include cybersecurity companies from around the world focused on every element of the ecosystem.

In addition, we are building diverse partnerships with Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISACs), peer non-profits, and other organizations that are not eligible for CTA membership. Visit our Partnerships page to learn more.


All potential members undergo a thorough vetting process, to confirm that CTA membership is mutually beneficial and that the following baseline criteria are met:

  • All members must be eligible to conduct business in the U.S.
  • All members must have threat intelligence to submit to CTA
  • All members must maintain the technical capability to share and receive threat intelligence to/from CTA
  • All members must be free from undue government influence; specifically, from government affiliations (other than customer relationships) that are contrary to the Alliance’s purpose


CTA membership offers different tiers, with varying levels of financial contribution and governance involvement, to suit a diverse array of organizational needs and goals.

Share intelligence and draw information from the CTA platform and participate in human-speed sharing activities
Engage in disruption of malicious cyber activity
Representation on CTA’s Algorithm and Intelligence Committee
Representation on CTA’s other Standing Committees that facilitate day-to-day operations
Annual eligibility to run for an Affiliate Director seat on the CTA Board of Directors
Receive a guaranteed, non-term-limited seat on the CTA Board of Directors
Guaranteed governance role on CTA’s Steering Committee, including shaping CTA’s mission and by-laws