John Petrie

John Petrie is Counselor to the NTT Global CISO and the Liaison for NTT Ltd. and is responsible for managing the growing internal security challenges for the NTT operating companies across the globe. He is also responsible for the implementation and harmonization of cybersecurity policy, process and technology for NTT Group Companies.  John was previously the Chief Executive Officer of NTT Security Americas and was responsible for managing the growing client security challenges through the NTT operating companies across North America and Latin America. He is a well-respected and trusted senior technology executive in the cybersecurity industry, with a blend of technical and business expertise.

John has been with NTT since 2016 and has developed a strong policy and execution framework for the organization. Previously, John was Global Chief Information Security Officer for NTT Security, responsible for the overall global information strategy and the management of the information security management system. John’s ability to capitalize on his existing relationships with NTT colleagues, together with his strong visibility and individual reputation in our sector, enables him to continue to drive growth in the US region, which is critical for NTT.

John has more than 27 years of success in the manufacturing, financial services, defense, technology, security, telecommunications, education and healthcare industries. He has held previous positions with IBM and other leading technology companies, as well as a distinguished career in the US Marines. He holds an MBA in Information Systems from City University, a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts from the University of the State of New York, and is a graduate of the Defense Intelligence College in Washington D.C. He is the author of “From Private to CEO (And Some Stuff In Between), a leadership guide.

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