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Adversary Playbooks are an attempt to capture the complete collection of tools, techniques, and procedures that adversaries use to achieve their goals, arrayed in a logical sequence using the Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain. If the cybersecurity community and network defenders have access to these playbooks, they can make their defensive actions more effective and impose increased costs on our adversaries. The Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) is committed to sharing actionable intelligence that can be used to create Adversary Playbooks. Since our cyber adversaries adapt very rapidly, CTA also automates the sharing and updating of this intelligence.

This page serves as a resource for the cybersecurity community with useful tools for creating Adversary Playbooks and links to the Playbooks created by our members. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at

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CTA members routinely provide other members with access to and review of blogs and intelligence reports describing malicious cyber activity.  By sharing research on significant issues, CTA members leverage their data, analysis, and cybersecurity products to expose malicious activity, prevent additional harm, and mitigate any of the activity’s effects as early and as effectively as possible.  Since May 2018, CTA members have shared over 100 blogs and intelligence reports with each other.

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Sep 2019

xHunt Campaign: Attacks on Kuwait Shipping and Transportation Organizations

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Apr 2019

Xwo - A Python-based bot scanner

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Jul 2019

Zegost from Within – New Campaign Targeting Internal Interests

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Download and share these materials that tell the story of CTA, including CTA’s Joint Analysis reports, which focus on specific threats and campaign activity.

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  • CTA Illicit CryptoMining Whitepaper

  • Adversary Playbook Principles

  • What Is the CTA?

    This downloadable document explains who we are,...
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Next Steps in Playbook Driven Cyber Security

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Aspen Cybersecurity Group: An Operational Collaboration Framework

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2018 CMO Cybersecurity Survey Key Findings

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Building a National Cybersecurity Strategy: Voluntary, Flexible Frameworks

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Cybersecurity Framework

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Cybersecurity Framework References, FAQ, etc.

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Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations

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May 2017 U.S. Government Cyber Executive Order

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Federal Funding Recs for R&D Relating to Improving Computer Code Security

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NIST Computer Security Incident Handling Guide

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