By Moto Yamamura, COO, SecureBrain

In February 2019, SecureBrain formalized our membership and joined forces with Cyber Threat Alliance with the intent to sharing cyber threat intelligence with top security vendors around the world. When it comes to cybersecurity, knowledge about up-and-coming cybersecurity threats is crucial. We at SecureBrain are dedicated to staying on top of global cybersecurity shifts.

At SecureBrain, we believe that sharing cyber threat intelligence is critical when developing and providing security solutions to our customers. Through our membership with Cyber Threat Alliance, we share cyber threat intelligence with many of the top security vendors across the globe and better help protect our customers against new cyber-attacks.

SecureBrain specializes in providing cybersecurity solutions designed to protect enterprises’ web applications from cybercrime such as phishing and web hacking. We have built our own advanced security research center and have initiated multiple joint research projects to continuously innovate and develop cybersecurity solutions and software to protect against global cyber threats. To ensure that we provide the best protection to our customers, it is important for us at SecureBrain to be on top of global cybersecurity trends and threats and collaborate with the world’s key cybersecurity players. Through our strategic decision to join CTA, we are eager to share information with top security vendors from across the globe.

Our partnership with CTA allows us to gain information about the latest cybersecurity trends across the world from top security vendors using a central intelligence depository. In turn, we aim to provide cybersecurity support to companies across Japan. Likewise, the partnership opens a conversation regarding the threats that are local to each country. Through this exchange of security intelligence, we believe our partnership fortifies the cybersecurity field.

Through our partnership with CTA, we are confident that we will grow more as a cybersecurity provider and look forward to continuing strengthening our partnership with CTA.

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