• Threat Intelligence Practitioners Take on a Virtual Virus Bulletin

    Earlier this month, CTA was all-hands on deck for the virtual Virus Bulletin conference, aka. ‘vblocalhost,’ where we coordinated and sponsored the Threat Intelligence Practitioners’ Summit (TIPS). TIPS spanned a range of perspectives from different corners of the world and highlighted distinct approaches to threat intelligence. If you missed the event or haven’t yet had… View Article
  • Collaborating with Competitors: A Better Strategy to Beat Adversaries

    Please join us for a keynote address from Sophos CTO, Joe Levy, at Virus Bulletin 2020: “Collaborating with Competitors: A Better Strategy to Beat Adversaries.” The keynote goes live on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2020, at 12 noon ET. Read on for a preview of what to expect.   Guest Blog by Joe Levy, CTO, Sophos “Let’s compete… View Article
  • The Secret Sauce of the Cyber Threat Alliance? Collaboration.

    As CTA has developed over the last three years, it has done so with a philosophy of collaboration front-of-mind. CTA provides a venue for productive relationships among our members to emerge and grow. We believe that these kinds of relationships are important and can provide mutual value creation. This is evidenced by the willingness of… View Article