• CTA Intern Retrospective: Trust and the Viability of Collective Action in the Digital Age

    This post was originally authored by Josh Kenway. Over the past two years, as I have worked towards a graduate degree focused on cybersecurity and digital policy at Stanford University, the variety and seeming intractability of numerous collective action problems in this broad domain has been a consistent curricular theme. However, interning at the Cyber… View Article
  • Early Sharing: Timely Collaboration for Stronger Cybersecurity Defense

    At the heart of the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) is a commitment to improve cybersecurity defenses across the global information ecosystem. Our sharing of automated threat intelligence and collective engagement on unique cyber threats are critical aspects of this mission. Over time, CTA’s early sharing program has grown to be another valuable and important part… View Article
  • 2020 Summer Olympics Threat Assessment

    This blog is authored by Neil Jenkins (CTA) and Kendall McKay (Cisco Talos, and lead author on the Threat Assessment) Today, the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) released the 2020 Summer Olympics Threat Assessment (updated April 2021), our first event-specific threat report focused on cyber risks to this summer’s Tokyo Games. This report was written by… View Article