Tuesday, September 27th (8:00 am – 5:30 pm)


Uniting Women in Cyber, the premier annual conference hosted by The Cyber Guild, is a flagship event that welcomes and unites individuals from all walks of life, stages in their careers, and career interests, in Cybersecurity. Cyber is everywhere and our security, from a national to a personal perspective, whether privatizing data or shifting a collective “ripe for the taking” mindset through dis/information,- should be of paramount importance and is central to how we should educate this and future generations.

UWIC ’22 “Stronger Together” will focus on workforce advancement and security (national and personal) from both industry and government perspectives.  We will discuss the benefits of including non-traditional talent and the importance of psychological safety, as well as discuss government agencies and leading industry cybersecurity agendas 

This conference will unpack the human considerations around our culture and societal norms, transitioning paths for professionals, developing non-traditional talent, and unearthing mindsets that will enable change and growth.

Learn more and register for the event here.

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